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Ocean and Harmony Design

In Taoism, the Yin-Yang symbol represents the balance between equal, yet opposing forces – Good balances Evil, Night balances Day, Female balances Male. Both are interdependent and complementary, with each force giving rise to the other. This symbolism carries through to tattoo designs that incorporate dolphins and epitomizes living in Harmony and Balance.

Dolphins represent to Maoris joy and harmony, and like many sea-related designs has a protection meaning. The shark itself, often represented in a stylized way (motifs with triangles such as the one on the tail of this shark represent the shark´s teeth), is a symbol of protection for those travelling by water.

Our Implementation
The dolphin incorporates a sun (positivity, joy, success), a double spiral (meeting, eternity), shark teeth (adaptability, protection) and a sea shell (protection and love, ocean related) while the shark contains an octopus tentacle (adaptability, intelligence), a manta (freedom, elegance, voyage) and a hammerhead shark motif (tenacity and sociality). They both incorporate waves.

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